Mountains, Malbec and Mishaps!

I started this blog to ‘chronicle my somewhat erratic and mishap prone hill walking’ as well as the inevitable post walk drinks. Musing about the mishaps over a glass of wine last night, I came to the conclusion there have been rather a lot.. and the vast majority have nothing whatsoever to do with Malbec. I’m not really sure what I can blame the others on, other than bad luck.. but for your general amusement, here is a selection of the mishaps so far.. which will no doubt be added to at some point!!

Transport related

Exhaust fell off car in Dundee on way to Mount Keen. Hill abandoned.
Missed flight due to meltdown on the Underground.
Severe delays on Virgin Trains meant being too knackered to go up a hill.
Cattle class conditions on Megabus overnight service meant dragged self up one hill but too knackered to do any more.
Sleeper train broke down on way home – 2 hours late in to work wandering in to office foyer in crumpled walking gear.
Drove into a ditch in Snowdonia and barely managed to get out.

Wine related

Set off late due to too many glasses of wine on train. Failed to find a parking space for hill. Too late for a plan B.
Same. Too late getting going to drive too far so settled for quick up and down in Drumochter (see Hangover Hill post)
Going out the night before a walk ‘for one’ (it never is)

Gear related

Set off too late due to forgetting map / compass and having to divert via Go Outdoors.
Boots started to fall apart coming off Snowdon and therefore putting kibosh on next day’s walk in Glyders with a glorious weather forecast.
2 iPhones destroyed in torrential rain in Brecon Beacons.
Rucksack stored in shed gnawed at by mice and full of holes.

Random misfortune

Stuart getting stuck at work and running along platform at Euston just as the train was pulling away.
Glorious weather forecast for winter walking weekend in Aviemore. We both went down with the flu and a walk to Lochan Uaine was the best we could muster.
Fell in a waterfall plunge pool in Kintail after mistiming my leap between stepping stones. Stuart of course found this hilarious..


8 thoughts on “Mountains, Malbec and Mishaps!

  1. Those are funny – I like the exhaust one at the start. I’ve had to tie exhaust backends on with ‘farmer’s gate baling twine’ before now… A lot of those mishaps seem to stem from living so far South/in London though – I can imagine that causes many a problem.

    A mouse in my house just ate the pockets off my best bothying pack ‘cos I left snacks in the pockets 😦

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      • I did worse than that… I took a banana in my carry-on bag to America. It got very squashed in the overhead locker and eventually started dripping on my fellow passenger who was sat below. I never admitted what the sticky goo he was suddenly covered in was! 😉

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  2. Well you thought me missing the train was unfortunate. I figured as I was going to be in the shit anyway I may as well go in style & paid for first class on next train. A sympathetic hostess was most accommodating with the beer.

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  3. Moreover you missed.

    1) packed fecking seven books into husbands pack before trying first munro in Arrochar
    2) the waist deep snow in April in
    Arrochar (forgot crampons as had been no snow for month )
    3) neglected to tell me you couldn’t read a map, or gps, before kinder scout
    4) a few goes at those two in glen Lyon – bloody hurricane gales blowing the door shut when we tried to open it & you saying ‘it’s just windy it might die down’


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