When should you turn back?

I’m on a bit of a hiatus from walking at the moment – in case anyone was wondering at the lack of new blog posts. It’s a combination of things, but mainly that we haven’t had any planned trips recently, and have been doing other stuff. However, I thought now was the time for another random musings type post, so have poured myself a glass of Malbec and turned my thoughts to a thorny question… when should one turn back?

I wrote in my last blog post about the joys of so called ‘boring’ hills and challenging the received wisdom among some sections of the hill walking community that you should leave these for a bad day. We don’t, and have had some cracking days out on so called boring hills. I was thinking about other issues where received wisdom isn’t always right and one of these is when should you turn back? Some sections of the walking community sometimes seem to press on regardless, or turn only when it starts to get dangerous (which in that situation is- obviously – the right thing to do). But should you turn back when it is simply uncomfortable, or not fun any more? Or press on regardless and hope for the best? Continue reading