Hillier than Thou?

I think we’ve just about recovered from our 100th Munro, and the various celebrations that followed – but at the moment there’s no plans for more walking for a while, at least not on the hills. Time in that case for some more thoughts about the politics of walking. Is there a right or a wrong way of walking? Or is there just a right or a wrong way for you?

I’ve been hill walking for a few years now, since I took it up four years following my back surgery. At first, when you discover the fabulous rewards – such as the stunning views on a crisp winter’s day, or the colours of a long summer evening – it all just seems like so much fun. The odd bad day when you don’t enjoy it for whatever reason, or don’t get to the top of the hill, doesn’t really seem to matter. And then you discover the Hillier than Thou brigade. Continue reading