Mountains minus Malbec: thoughts on Dry January

To be strictly accurate this post contains no mountains either! No walking since Sandwood Bay, and unlikely to be any for another month or so. I am trying not to get too jealous of all the posts of snowy hills popping up in my Facebook feed – and failing miserably.

As to dry January – I decided to do it largely to try and kick start getting myself back into some sort of decent physical condition. There have been pluses and minuses so far. The pluses – I have lost 4lb; my skin is clearer; I’m generally sleeping better; and my brain seems sharper, I’m definitely getting more done.I have managed to start going swimming again, although not as often as I had hoped. I’ve also spent less than usual, although the price of soft drinks in pubs is pretty shocking. Plus there is the obvious one of no hangovers (which these days take less and less Malbec to induce) Continue reading

2016: let’s see what it brings

At this time of year, I’ve noticed that on most hill walking blogs and websites a ‘what are your plans for 2016?’ post or thread pops up. I’ve usually been a bit nervous about replying to these because in my experience setting big targets for yourself can be a bit of a self defeating exercise – not least because like any target you never seem to quite achieve it. A bit like new years resolutions which 90% of the time seem to get binned about a week in to January (for instance when turning up at the gym and being totally unable to park due to everyone else having had the same idea). Plus there is always the risk that getting a target out there in public leads to embarrassment (and possible taking of the p***) when you get to the end of the year and realised you got nowhere near it.

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