Mountains minus Malbec: thoughts on Dry January

To be strictly accurate this post contains no mountains either! No walking since Sandwood Bay, and unlikely to be any for another month or so. I am trying not to get too jealous of all the posts of snowy hills popping up in my Facebook feed – and failing miserably.

As to dry January – I decided to do it largely to try and kick start getting myself back into some sort of decent physical condition. There have been pluses and minuses so far. The pluses – I have lost 4lb; my skin is clearer; I’m generally sleeping better; and my brain seems sharper, I’m definitely getting more done.I have managed to start going swimming again, although not as often as I had hoped. I’ve also spent less than usual, although the price of soft drinks in pubs is pretty shocking. Plus there is the obvious one of no hangovers (which these days take less and less Malbec to induce)

The minuses: it mucks up your social life. Sitting with a diet coke while everyone else is on beer or wine feels weird. I do feel a bit boring too – going to really nice restaurants seems a bit pointless for instance – sushi doesn’t seem the same without sake, and a steak loses something by not being accompanied by a nice glass of red of some sort. And it’s a lot easier to find interesting soft drinks in the supermarket than in the pub – I am incredibly bored of diet coke – and therefore definitely easier to do at home than when out! Fortunately our local has sparkling elderflower, which has become the drink of choice.

Going forward, will I stay off the booze? Nah – I like the taste of it too much; soft drinks however pleasant just aren’t as nice. But continue to try and be healthier and not overdo it, yes. Fingers crossed! And it’s not that long now till February!! ๐Ÿ˜†


One thought on “Mountains minus Malbec: thoughts on Dry January

  1. I found it hard when I gave up drinking for good… at first. Then I found lots of things I like to drink in pubs, from lime and soda (my favourite and most refreshing after a walk), to tonic water (full-fat not that slimline muck) and tomato juice. I agree with the prices though – they’re horrific – pubs do nothing to encourage people not to drink!

    You get used to the social interaction if you give for long enough – in the Army, I acted ten times dafter than the drunks and used to lead the singing on the way home ๐Ÿ˜‰


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