The A to Z of Mountains and Malbec

No walking planned for a few weeks, so with a bit of a tail off in blog posts as a result, I thought I would nick an idea from a friend’s blog and do an A to Z of Mountains and Malbec. Though mine is a little less serious than theirs was!

A is for arse crampon. Well it has to be really doesn’t it. Otherwise known as five points of contact which I am well aware is not a recommended scrambling technique. But although he didn’t use the term Wainwright himself commented that a sturdy posterior was an excellent tool for a hill walker indeed only second to a good pair of feet. The downside to use of the arse crampon can be looking stupid but I would far rather look stupid than fall over.

B is for bad back. . As regular readers will know I suffered a spinal injury some years ago (broke a vertebra in my lower back) and my back still plays up from time to time. Often it doesn’t affect my hill walking but sometimes it does and I have to listen to what my body is trying to tell me and plan accordingly. Also B is for beer (a good thing) and bog (not a good thing, unless it’s frozen or by some miracle has dried out). Continue reading

Wainwright Walks 46: A rather short walk – and a rather long drive

Hills: Great Mell Fell
Classification: Wainwright – no.95
When: Saturday 21st April
Weather: Still lovely.
Time: 1 ½ hours including a long break at the top
Conditions underfoot: Clear path, quite squishy in parts but not too bad
Who: me and the mountaineering minion
Uses of the arse crampon: Still none. Hard to see how it could be needed on this one unless something goes seriously pear shaped.
Post walk drink: Prosecco
Post walk watering hole: The Star and Garter, Bromley (after the long drive home)
Mishaps: Insomnia (again). Otherwise nowt. Unless a 6 hour drive home afterwards can be defined as a mishap.

Deciding whether or not to do a walk on the day you travel home is always a bit of a tough one. It generally depends on a number of factors; weather obviously being one but luggage issues sometimes another. For instance if I am using public transport for a break then this only works if you are staying somewhere that can store the luggage for you – most hotels will but some hostels will and some won’t, and B&Bs again a bit of an it depends. I tend to over pack which doesn’t help and am certainly not one of those people who could just lug all my stuff up the hill.

Length of journey – and when you need to start it – also plays a factor. If driving then the fact that even without traffic issues on the M6/ M25 my journey takes about 6 hours once factoring in rest and petrol stops is a bit of a factor against walking. If using public transport then (assuming luggage storage is not a problem) coordinating bus times and luggage pick up with being able to get to an appropriate train station in time to get back to Euston can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Generally therefore I don’t tend to end up walking on the day I travel home, and when it has happened in the past it has tended to be in Scotland with the transport home either being the 9.30pm Easyjet out of Glasgow, or the sleeper train, combined with a late hire car drop off. Sleeper not being an option for the Lakes I’ve rarely walked on the last day of a Lakes trip – I think it has happened once, and that was when I was sharing the driving with a friend. Continue reading