Wainwright walks 51: a stunner on Skiddaw

Hills: Ullock Pike, Long Side, Carl Side, Skiddaw, Lonscale Fell
Wainwrights: 104-107 (Skiddaw was a repeat)
Furth Munros: Skiddaw
When: Saturday 17 November
Weather: Glorious autumn sunshine, windy at times
Time: 6 hours including breaks
Conditions underfoot: Paths generally good – a few rocky bits on the ridge, scree on the ascent of Skiddaw
Who: me and the mountaineering minion
Post walk drink: Wainwright (aptly enough); later a nice Merlot
Post walk watering hole: The Wainwright Inn, Keswick; later the Inn at Grasmere
Mishaps: None to speak of. Yes really.
Uses of the arse crampon: None. Though if it would have been any use on one of the rocky bits on Ullock Pike, or the scree slope on Skiddaw I would definitely have considered it.

I should point out for the record that the stunner in question was the weather. Being pushing 50 I am making no claims about myself!! 😄

On the evening of 16 November, I was sat in the residents lounge at the Inn at Grasmere studying my maps and trying to work out a plan of attack for the following day. The weather forecast for the Saturday was – for November – unexpectedly good; for once I had had no issues at all with the trains, having managed to leave work early and do some work on the train, then make a tight connection at Windermere. A taxi pickup from Windermere got me to Grasmere at an unexpectedly civilised time, and instead of worrying about missing the last train, stressing about getting a taxi and then turning up at 11pm totally knackered I was able to have a civilised evening, a nice meal and a glass of wine as well as spend plenty of time thinking about walk options.

Of course, if something does not go wrong with the weather something else will usually go wrong instead. In order to try and prevent this I probably checked my kit about 3 times and the bus timetables just as many times if not more. I changed my mind about which trousers to wear about 3 times too – I never know at this time of year whether to go for the winter lined ones (and risk boiling if too warm) or not (and freeze if temperatures are lower than expected). I also had various different options for the walk, from not ambitious to rather more ambitious. I was, however conscious that it was a long time since I had been on a hill of any real size and since my Cornwall walk I had done basically no exercise at all due to being very busy at work. Continue reading