Overall statistics to date

So far I’ve done 101 Munros, all of them with my husband. Something of a joint project, though currently on hold.

I’ve also done 109 Wainwrights and various Hewitts (hills in England and Wales over 2000ft). I’m not making a serious attempt to ‘bag’ Hewitts though I do seem to be bagging Wainwrights now.  Also a smattering of Corbetts and Grahams.

2016 statistics

Statistically 2016 was a poor year for hills for various reasons. I added 11 new Wainwrights, one new Munro, one repeat Munro and one new Corbett. However lots of other cool stuff got done and seen and the number of new whiskies sampled (or bagged if you prefer) was pretty high..

2015 statistics

From a numerical point of view, this was a poor year on the Munros with only 3 climbed. There were various reasons for this but the main ones were worse weather even than usual on our trips to Scotland; fewer weekend trips to Scotland than usual; and a conscious decision to have a long holiday in the sun in August for once rather than spending two weeks staring at a soggy hillside. However, we did finally get to the magic 100 in October which was a big milestone for us and really good to achieve.

However, I did have my best ever year so far on the Wainwrights doing 17, and hitting the 50 on Holme Fell in September, though that one was probably my least favourite Wainwright so far due to the awful conditions underfoot.

Otherwise, I hit the 100 Marilyn mark, though only climbed a couple of Scottish Sub 2000s (in the Pentlands and Perthshire). I also did 7 new Hewitts, although all but two of those (Foel Gron in Snowdonia, and Great Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales) were Wainwrights. In total I managed 24 new hills this year, which overall isn’t too bad given the constraints of my geographical location. I also ticked two things off the bucket list with our visit to Sandwood Bay on Boxing Day, where I’d wanted to go for ages, and getting my first ever proper cloud inversion on a glorious winter’s day in Snowdonia. Let’s see what 2016 brings!

2014 statistics

Numerically this wasn’t a great year with only 8 new Munros and 11 Wainwrights added, plus a few Hewitts. However, we did raise over £2,000 for a spinal injuries charity by doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, and did our first ever Wild Camp in the Cairngorms. Let’s see what 2015 brings!

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