Wainwright walks 60: Gone (up High Pike) with the wind

strong> Hills: High Pike (Caldbeck), Carrock Fell
Classification: Wainwrights (120 and 121)
When: Monday 3 June
Who: Me and the mountaineering minion
Distance: 7 miles (or thereabouts)
Time: 4 hours
Weather: Cloudy but well above summits – and it didn’t rain! Very windy high up.
Post walk drink: Coke. Yes really. Malbec later on, though.
Post walk watering hole: A nice tea shop for the coke, the cottage we were staying in for the Malbec
Uses of the arse crampon: AWOL again.
Mishaps: None as such, unless you count a very early start!

After my soggy expedition up Souther Fell on the last day of May, there was no walking for a couple of days. Stuart arrived at the Salutation Hotel on the Friday evening, and on waking up the following day (when we were shifting to Glenridding for a couple of nights) we were both totally knackered. The weather on the Saturday morning was actually okay to start off with but soon clouded over and started to rain on and off. We settled for a pottering about day before heading to Glenridding and chilling out, and the weather was still iffy on Sunday when we had a nice day escaping the rain at a rather nice ruined castle (Brougham Castle) then went to a bird of prey centre which was very interesting although it chucked it down towards the end of the display. Continue reading

Wainwright walks 59: Souther the clouds (but not of the rain!)

Hills: Souther Fell
Classification: Wainwright (119)
When: Friday 31 May
Who: Me and the mountaineering minion
Distance: About 4 miles
Time: 2 hours
Weather: Cloudy, but above summits. Rain at times on the way up which got heavier on the way down.
Post walk drink: Malbec
Post walk watering hole: The Salutation Hotel, then the Lily Bar (also Ambleside)
Uses of the arse crampon: One – a return!
Mishaps: Traffic, weather, and having to work… again.

After my damp, foggy walk up Longlands Fell on the 30th May, followed by an afternoon of work, I did at least manage to have a reasonably relaxed evening including a decent Thai meal in Ambleside. The weather forecast for the following day was a little bit better (although not by much) but I had again had the email of doom which meant I would need to work for at least some of the afternoon. In fact I ended up working first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon as the forecast seemed to indicate the weather would be worse earlier on than it would be later… so once again, I needed something which would suffice for a quick blast, and once again I was faced with chasing the weather North. I did feel it was slightly ridiculous having to drive from Ambleside to the Northern Fells when I was staying in Keswick in a few days time, but I have got to the point I have done most of the hills near Ambleside that fit the definition of a ‘quick blast’ – the obvious exception being Stone Arthur which is (at the moment) the only Wainwright I have had to turn back on and if anything is asking for trouble doing a bogey hill on a marginal day is!

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