Wainwright walks 65: Another eastern fell – by the Seat of my pants

Hills: Seat Sandal
Classification: Wainwright (131)
When: Saturday 7 September
Who: Me and the mountaineering minion
Distance: 6 miles approximately
Time: About 4 hours including breaks
Weather: Lovely!
Post walk drink: Various real ales
Pre walk drink: Various real ales
Post (and pre) walk watering hole: The Grasmere Guzzler beer festival at Tweedies
Uses of the arse crampon: 1 – the first use to assist in ascent!
Mishaps: See ‘pre walk drink’…

After my walk up Dollywaggon Pike and Nethermost Pike on the Thursday, I think it’s fair to say the forecast for the Friday was a bit mixed with heavy showers and sunshine forecast (as it turned out sometimes at the same time). I was also struggling a bit with m back and knees which clearly hadn’t recovered from the walk and I was in quite a bit of discomfort and regardless of the weather I was not really in any state to do any sort of serious walk. A day off and a pottering about day was clearly required and so it transpired; we had a loose arrangement to meet up with our friend Kets at the Grasmere Guzzler beer festival that evening too once he had finished his walk. Continue reading