Beinn Ime – how it all began

How it all began..

24 May 2008 was a good day. At 3pm or thereabouts, me and my husband were standing on the summit of Beinn Ime, our first Munro, together with his father who was tackling his first Munro in 30 years. We were all undoubtedly knackered, but happy.

I had realised about half of the way up that it was exactly four years since 24 May 2004. Sounds obvious but on that particular day, I was undergoing surgery on my back to fix a compression fracture of one of my lumbar vertebrae. I had fallen off a horse and landed awkwardly, and although I had been lucky enough not to suffer any spinal cord damage I needed to have two titanium plates and four screws fitted into my back to stabilise it. I also needed 3 months in a back brace, physiotherapy and 6 months off work. I’m fine now (most of the time – my back does play up now and again) but it seemed rather fitting that 4 years on to the day from the op, I had climbed a mountain. 😀
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